RMH iPOS (iPad or iPhone POS for RMH)
Advantage Solutions

RMH Point of Sale for
iPad or iPhone

Mobile POS
Pop-Up Stores
Queue Busting


  • RMH Point of Sale on an iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone
  • Fully integrated with RMH windows software (rmhpos.com), RMS iPOS transactions are recorded in RMH the same as any other Register / POS.
  • Create or recall RMH Customers, Quotations or Work Orders, or complete Sales Transactions
  • Load existing RMH Items (either the full list or a selected / reduce set) and Customers into RMH iPOS
  • Scan a barcode using a Bluetooth Scanner or the in-built camera
  • Provide an item discount or discount the whole transaction
  • Tender and email Receipts / Quotations or Work Orders to customers directly from RMS iPOS
  • Accepted PayPal and Credit Card payments
  • Use the Cash Quick Keys to speed up Cash Tenders
  • RMH iPOS can be used at an existing store as an additional POS device, or setup as a new store connected to a new / separate RMH Store database
  • Works Online connected to a RMH store database, or Offline for later synchronisation
  • Connect for Online mode or Synchronisation using Wifi or the Cellular / Mobile data network